“There's no denying talent...and Marshak has talent a deaf man couldn't miss”

Globe and Mail

“...an electric performer...”

Toronto Star

“...Judy Marshak was merely sensational...”

Toronto Sun

“...she commands the kind of respect that composers of the thirties had for Fred Astaire”

Globe and Mail

“...an innate sense of time and deep feeling for a lyric...”

Globe and Mail



“Judy Marshak electrifies the audience...”

Toronto Sun

“Marshak , an unforgettable talent with a phenomenal range,from clown to torch singer and back again... A pro. A marvel. Marshak alone is worth the price of admission." ”

Montreal Gazette

“...Marshak, with the curl of a lip or the slight roll of the eye can speak volumes...." ”

Ottawa Citizen

“I saw Judy in Doubt last night – and she was revelatory – a brilliant, intelligent, passionate performance – grace, humour and clarity throughout this non stop acting marathon – a wonderful mature performance by an actor in her prime. Thanks, J. ”

Duncan MacIntosh – Artistic Director, Prince Edward Island Conservatory

“Veteran stage and screen performer Judy Marshak breathes life into Regan's creation with smooth, stylish vocals that demonstrate why the career of this iconic songstress endures in the annals of show business. ”

The Observer on 'Clooney Tunes'

“Marshak, a two-time ACTRA and Dora Award nominee, steps out in Clooney's shoes in fine form. She is able to radiate the warmth and wisdom of Clooney, whose career spanned five decades- ”

London Free Press

praise for A Matter of Time & CD release concert at Hugh's Room

“ If you love jazz, blues or just wonderfully cool vocals and arrangements, you will love this... I was enchanted. ” full article

Neil Crone

“ On New Year's Day, the various hosts from JAZZ.FM91 presented their picks of the best and brightest of 2009, each naming their favourite recording of the year. Among the 13 selections was Heather Bambrick's choice of Judy Marshak's recent release, A Matter of Time. ”

JAZZ.FM91's Best of 2009 by Heather Bambrick – Toronto Star

“This selection of songs is a wonderful surprise on many fronts. Not only is it slyly sexy and often touching, but it also introduces us to Marshak the songwriter, working in collaboration with the talented John Alcorn. The whole enterprise is tasty as well as tasteful, exuding the very best of the old-fashioned cabaret sensibility.” full article

Richard Ouzounian – Toronto Star

“I wasn't quite sure what to expect from Judy Marshak's new recording. Music by some contemporary artists and lots of original compositions by the songstress. Didn't seem to be my cup of tea. Boy, I was completely wrong. This is one terrific efffort. I thoroughly enjoyed A Matter of Time from beginning to end. Marshak's voice is right on the money. Backed by a classy group of musicians and produced by John Alcorn, a man who knows how to put the pieces together,we have a winning combination all round. You won't go wrong by adding A Matter of Time to your collection.”

Rob Fogle – Radio host on "Some Experiences in Jazz", CHRY-FM

“Awesome, awesome job on Monday. It was so great to watch you work that set. Your delivery of lyric was flawless. I love that you're sooooo comfortable on stage after years of acting and cabaret etc. But with this project being so new there also is a fresh and vulnerable energy... a winning combo I say. ”

Coco Love Alcorn – singer/songwriter/recording artist

“I want to tell you what a wonderful evening you and your buddies presented. Your choice of material was impeccable and the best song of all was yours – "Will it be all right?" You are a huge talent Judy...smart, funny, self effacing and kind. with great pipes and such a sense of popular music and the language and feeling it contains.”

David Wintre – businessman

“Thanks so much for having me aboard Judy! Loved everyone and everything about the night, congratulations. ★★★★★”

George Koller – bass player

“I love you all! Judy,congratulations! Twas a pleasure!”

Davide Direnzo – drummer, percussionist

“Lovely to see you at Hugh's...what a special night, I felt you big time. Congrats!”

Wendy Dawn Lands – singer/songwriter/recording artist

“Judy Marshak is an absolute marvel. She has long been revered as a theatrical treasure, but now she has produced (with the remarkable guidance of John Alcorn) a CD which adds an entire new dimension to her talent. The ease and originality with which she moves through a myriad of styles is nothing short of astonishing, and the fact that all but four of the songs are original material from her own pen (in collaboration with John) is an added delight. This CD is a gift to all of us from a beautiful, magnetic songstress who reaches for the stars and grabs them with exquisite mastery. She has surrounded herself with marvellous musicians, and the combination is mermerizing. I am in awe.”

David Warrack – composer/director/producer

“Judy, congratulations! What a great night! It was an honour to have been a part of it. I had such a great time, and really, really enjoyed performing your songs. They're just beautiful!”

Heather Bambrick – jazz recording artist/ Radio Host on Jazz FM 91.1

“Oh Judy you were just wonderful tonight and I am sorry that I couldn't stick around to give you a hug and tell you so in person. I am so glad that I was there for your launch of A Matter of Time...and the whole evening was just joyous. Great material! ”

Barbara Budd – CBC Host of 'As It Happens'

“I have known Judy Marshak for a number of years as a peerless musical theatre performer as well as a joyous interpreter of vintage jazz. I am delighted to see that she has blossomed into a masterful singer-songwriter, by turns witty, pensive and heartrending. Her new CD, which demonstrates all of her bountiful gifts, is simply wonderful.”

Robert Missen – Director, The Bobolink Agency

“Judy, you were absolutely fabulous... an inspiration to all women of all ages”

Catherine Bruhier-Pacini – actress/director/producer

“It was a beautiful show, gorgeous textured and nuanced playing by the band. Sexy, stunning and nailing every tune.”

Denny Manchee – journalist

“You are a ray of sunshine. Thank you for an amazing night!”

Brook Fletcher

“What an amazing, uplifting evening. Joy, laughter, incredible singing, incomparable musicians, and the poetry of beautiful lyrics.”

Janelle Hutchison – writer/actor/casting consultant

“Judy, some of us are in jeopardy - dancing while driving, crying behind the wheels of our vehicles, burning dinner while dancing, and singing without a license in public places. ...It is stellar...”

Cheryl Hawkes – journalist

“The recording is fabulous! It's locked into the drive of my car....gets better with every listen...”

Sandy Crawley – Executive Director Professional Writers Assn. of Canada, actor/musician

“The writing, the performances, the production values — tasty, sweet, soulful, tuneful, hip, incredibly sexy vocals, great players, excellent mix and mastering. A Matter of Time gently tugs at the heartstrings. The CD flows over the listener like warm cream over sweet, sweet berries. Every track is another musical taste treat. I love it.”

Janet MacEwen – actress/songwriter/recording artist

“You are truly talented, and have such a heart and spirit when you sing. Congrats!”

Julie McGill – costume designer

“Listening to A Matter of Time is time well spent. Makes ya dance. Makes ya sing. Makes ya happy!”

Barbara Budd – CBC Host of 'As It Happens'

“I've been so enjoying spinning this over and over. Never knew you could write, but should have known you're pretty limitless. Especially like No Turning Back — all the more poignant for the intro you gave it at Hugh's Room. Just a great joy to see you on stage again.”

Nan Shepherd – stage manager

“"...and at long last, veteran showstopper Judy Marshak has finally released her first album, A Matter Of Time, and as expected, it’s a musical bonbon to savour. Marshak brings a unique interpretation to tunes by Harold Arlen, Joni Mitchell and Randy Newman, but the real revelation is the calibre of her lyrical collaborations with John Alcorn, including the title track (not to be confused with the John Kander-Fred Ebb song created for the 1976 Vincente Minnelli film of the same name.) Add such top-of-the-heap musicians as Rob Piltch, Marc Rogers, Denis Keldie, Guido Basso and Davide Direnzo, and your ears will thank you for listening.”

George Anthony – CBC

“Before the first song, Broken Radio, had faded into a cover of Stephen Bishop’s On and On, I found myself getting that telling little rush that suggests I’ll be listening to this record a lot...It’s a warm, intimate, dare I say cozy record that disarms, charms and delights you. There are moments of sweetness and longing. There are moments of lightness. There are moments of sensuality. There are just so many good things happening here...The material is great and the arrangements are wonderful and lush but not overpowering. The key selling point, though, remains Marshak’s voice... Find a fireplace, find a nice bottle of wine and find this record.” full article

Doug Gallant – The Guardian, PEI